Monday, August 01, 2011

Figure Feature: Alternate Alten

There are few Privateer Press sculpts that I feel a desire to sub an alternate model for.  That being said, I'm just not in love with the Alten Ashley model(although the stogie is cool).  It's not that it's not a nice figure...I just think they have a better "Monster Hunter" in the PP stable...Seth Alkot of the Iron Kingdom line.  I really like this figure(MFKAS-Mini Formerly Known As Seth)...he has a lean, mean look fitting of the character's profile in the Minions book.  Here's my take on him...
(click on images for larger pictures)
They show him in a black coat on their website but I kind of wanted him in a more rugged, leather overcoat.  I chose Sanguine for the scarf(my story is that he picked it up from the Protectorate when he worked for them) and a military grey/blue for his bedroll(he 'kept' it after serving with the Khadoran forces).  I also chose to make his shoulder/elbow armor a nice bronze(maybe they were a parting gift from Cygnarian trenchers). 
I used cork tiling for his base(ripped it up) and accessorized with some sand grit, lichen strands and a floral bit(the flowers behind him).  You can't see it in the pic but I went over the flat, top surface of the cork with Liquitex Stucco because otherwise it very obviously appears as cork.

Thanks for viewing my "Alternate Alten"!

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