Monday, August 22, 2011

Warmachine Battle Report: Shooting Gallery Showdown(Khador v Cygnar 40 pts)

My son, Gareth(a.k.a. GDogsDog) usually beats me in our Warmahordes showdowns...and today was no exception.  I was able to talk him out of his favorite army(Cryx) so we could change things up a bit...but it didn't change the outcome. 

Pre-Game-Here is a breakdown of our staring forces and deployment:
Cygnar(Gareson) in Blue, Khador(GDogsDog) in Red, Mercs in Green and Orange
Key Terrain Points- 1&3: Rocky Outcroppings(Rough), 2: Forest, 4: Shooting Gallery(Rough)
My Battlegroup Center
Cygnar(Gareson) 40 pts in blue above...
Left Flank: Trenchers & Trencher UA(T), Rhupert Carvolo(R), Grenadier(G)
Center: Alister Caine(A), Ironclad(I), Lancer(L), Hunter(H), Squire(S)
Right Flank: Charger(C), Journeyman Warcaster(J), Gun Mage Captain Adept(G)
Army Observations: I(Gareson) like surgical strike mixed I brought a bunch of agile lights and toolbox models.  I was risking running a fragile force against his Khador heavies, but hoping for a warcaster assassination opportunity.
Gareth's Center and Left
Cygnar(GDogsDog) 40 pts in red above...
Left Flank: Irusk(I), Destroyer(D), Juggernaut(J), Mule(M), Dirty Meg(D)
Center:Kodiak(K), Man o' War Kovnik(M)
Right Flank: Valachev(V), Croe's Cutthroats(C)
Army Observations: Gareth(GDogsDog) likes "heavies", and his force selection certainly reflects this...bringing four heavy jacks in a 40pt game reflected his "big stick" approach:
My Right Flank Diversionary Force
Early Game: Winning initiative, my first thought was to get to cover(I know the range and power of his heavies!).  My trenchers, with a Grenadier light 'jack in tow, as well as the musical stylings of Rhupert Carvolo(THE Piper of Ord) moved towards a grove of trees(2).  I dug-in early hoping to anchor my left.  Meanhwile, main battlegroup moved into a rocky outcropping for cover(3) while my right flank advanced into the Cygnarian Shooting Gallery(4).  I knew my Charger and Journeyman 'caster were no match for what he was sending my way on my right, but I had to try to divide up his heavies by splitting my forces. 
Mule paves the way with GDog's battlegroup close behind.
GDog pretty much moved as I thought he would early game, with Croe's Cutthroats moving into rocky cover(1) and his main battlegroup moving towards my Charger at the shooting gallery(4).  However, early on I noticed his Kovnik and Kodiak moving there as well which I wasn't counting on(as the old military axiom says "No great plan ever survived contact with the enemy"). Early on things went poorly for me on the right...I expected to take a beating there with my little Charger but I needed to pin him there longer so I could maneuver in my center for a counter-strike.  As it happened, blast damage attacks from his Mule and Destroyer took out my Gun Mage on turn 2 and wounded my Journeyman!  I hated to do it, but I moved my Journeyman to my center, knowing the right was already lost.
Mid Game: By turn three it was clear that things were already going poorly for me. My right flank diversion had turned into a disaster and all I had to show for my feint was a shredded light jack and two k.i.a. solos.  More importantly, Irusk was tightly protected by a train of four heavies as GDog had shifted his Kodiak to that part of the field as well.
My Charger is in trouble!
My Charger fought valiantly to the end, but the tide of enemy heavies was too much for it to hope to hold against.
Trencher smoke cover.
On the left flank my trenchers used smoke bombs to shield attacks from the "stealthy" mercs opposite me.  The only real bright spot of this stage of the game for my Cygnarians was my Hunter light 'jack who got off a few pot shots(using Caine's Snipe spell) at Gareth's Destroyer, doing some serious damage with his armor piercing gun. 
GDog owns the shooting gallery.
While my Charger was intact this worked for me,  but once it was gone, his Mule and Destoyer turned their "full attention" to my Hunter.  This wasn't so bad(blur was cast on my Hunter and it was in cover) until drifting misses started crashing down beyond my Hunter...taking out my Squire and Journeyman Warcaster(so much for moving him to safety). 
Late Game:  Gareth's blast damage assault on my center having further deprived me of forces meant that I was going to have to pull off something tricky to win.  At this point he was already moving in with his heavies on my right flank...if he advanced to far, too fast, I might get a shot off at Irusk!
My Trencher force pushes out, hoping for a shot at Irusk(right).
I advanced to the center with my Trenchers, the Grenadier and Rhupert, hoping to flank Irusk.  Even if Gareth moved to block me, he would likely be splitting his assault force to do so, so I further enticed him by engaging with what was left of my battlegroup.
I have his attention!
Now certainly my Trenchers paid for their advance into the open...his heavies(and Croe's coming from behind) decimated my infantry!  However, I had a brief opportunity...the assassination attempt I was hoping for!
My Hunter has line of sight to Irusk!
My Hunter moved back in for a shot at Irusk, his heavies divided between my Trenchers and my engaging warjacks(led by the Ironclad).  GDog is usually VERY protective of his 'casters, so I knew this was likely my one opportunity.  I boosted my attacks with spells and focus, but the Hunter missed repeatedly!
Irusk out of danger...not so much my Ironclad.
Now aware of the danger, GDog tightened up around Irusk.  In the meantime, his Kodiak and Juggernaut had dismantled my Ironclad. 
The End...
End Game: With very little left to fight with, I did my best, but GDog's largely intact army pounded away at my remnants until Caine himself ran out of room to run! 

After Battle Conclusions: Gareth brought a broadsword and I brought a stiletto.  If I was going to win, I had to find an opening and strike swiftly at the right moment or his raw power would overcome me.  The latter happened.  I was hoping for a better opportunity for assassination than my Hunter strike later in the game, but Gareth did a really good job of keeping his guard up.

Bested by my son..once again!(but it was fun!)  I'd love to say I taught him everything I know...but honestly...he's just good!

Epliogue:  Ironically, look at just what arrived in the mail!...
A little late!

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  1. Anonymous3:42 PM

    I was just wondering if you could have relieved some of the pressure on your left by attacking Croe's Cutthroats with the Grendaier. Was it out of range? The odds are good that even though your attacks would be automatic misses the AOE blast might not divert too much from its intended target and do a lot of damage, especially if you're lobbing 3 attacks per round into the Cutthroats. You might have been able to target Valachev as well with the arcing fire of the Grenadier. That said, you probably still would have had a really tough time against the 3 Khadoran heavies if you'd manage to relieve that flank.
    Great blog, I've gotten lots of great basing and terrain ideas from you. Thanks!