Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Real Life Warmachine

I'd like to use my little corner of cyberspace today to honor a very special Warmachine player.  You see, a lot of us think we get to play with warmachines...this guy does for real.  About a year ago I had some really nice comments on my Youtube channel by 'KuVenet13'.  For many of us there are other things that inhibit our spending time on our hobby...chasing down the kids, some paperwork we bring home from the office, or family events.  How about a tour in Iraq?  Sergeant Kurt Venetis is currently serving his 4th tour in Iraq with the 1st Cavalry Division of the U.S. Army. 
He is a Sergeant and an Abrams Tank crewman(or as he put it to me "an operator of the fastest most deadly land based weapon system in the world").  In fact, let me share some more of what he is up to with his own words he sent me in an email...
BUT since we are in Iraq, and they don't like us blowing up buildings with our tanks and wrecking their streets, we have MRAPs. Which Stands for Mine Resistant Armored Personnel Carries. I on the other hand affectionately call it my Gun Carriage. I also perform the role of the dismounted squad leader, which means basically that I get out of my truck and running around and play infantry for a while, which isn't what I signed up for, but you know its not so bad.
In fact, here is Kurt and his comrades with his 'Gun Carriage'(good ARM stats I would think)...
I am always humbled by the sacrifices made by people like Kurt.  Being just a high school teacher, which doesn't involve trotting half way around the globe and spending time away from my family(and hobbies), I TRULY APPRECIATE the efforts of those who do.  In fact, you should know that Sgt. Venetis is married and has two  daughters(with two more on the way).  Of course he is also a Warmachine player, and invested in the charitable part of the hobby as well.  He is working on Foodmachine and Breast Cancer Brawl armies at the moment.  

Kurt has a Warmachine blog('Jack Factory) that he hasn't had a lot of time to update(for reasons that I am sure are obvious by now).  That being said, he recently posted on his blog with the details of what he's up to now and plans for his site down the line.  I would very much appreciate it if you would take the time to  follow this link to his blog('Jack Factory), subscribe to him and maybe leave a comment of encouragement. 

When the little things(or even big things) get in the way of pursuing your Warmachine/Hordes enterprises, think of Kurt and maybe remember that the obstacles we face are all relative.  Plus, the next time you're so into the game that you imagine yourself controlling a multi-ton armored vehicle...remember there's a Warmachine player out there who really does!

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