Sunday, August 07, 2011

Figure Feature/Basing Tutorial: Ragman

Wow, Ragman is a Mercenary solo that I really struggled with in terms of painting.  In fact, I stripped him of his paint two times until I finally created a look that I can live with.  He's an undead nobleman so the trick was to paint him in vibrant attire while making him suitably dingy from his necromantic enterprises.  In the end I went about paint him in nice, bright Llaelese hues(purple & yellow)...then I gave him some intense washes of Secret Weapon Washes Sepia Ink as well as Brown Ink/Exile Blue to make him, well, 'raggedy'.  I also used some Tamiya weathering pigments on the lower part of the figure to muck him up even more.  In the end, here's how he came out...
I had a lot of fun customizing the base on this figure.  I wanted an "overgrown road" theme so I carved some bricks right into the base and then added sand grit on the other half...
Then, to make the "non-brick half" a little less boring I added a little mossy foliage using the blister foam method I found on
If you are interested, I made a two part video tutorial on my Youtube channel showing how to do this kind of foliage(shallow moss)...
(double click embedded video to enlarge to full size)

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