Thursday, August 04, 2011

Figure Feature: Khador Manhunter(I wouldn't mess with her)

Sometimes in the middle of painting a Warmachine or Hordes mini I take a look at the figure in front of me, take a moment, and say to myself "Yeah, that wouldn't be fun to face on the battlefield".  I'm not talking about on the wargaming table, but in real life, an angry, dual axe-wielding agile huntress would probably be no fun to engage in melee; such was the case with the "Manhunter"(female variant).  I like this solo a lot, not just because she makes a nice addition to my Khador army, but because, let's face it, she just looks cool.
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I liked painting the various brown and beige hues that make up her animal hide/fur attire.  I tried to keep the metallics muted to match this toned-down theme.
The base was a lot of fun(I getting to the point where I like to "dress up" my solos with custom bases).  I decided, to even make her that much more impressive a warrior, to have her balancing on a floating block of ice.  I sculpted the "ice" from modeling clay which I sealed with Mod Podge.  I painted it with a mix of Cygnar Blue Highlight & Turquoise Ink, and then dry-brushed it with Morrow White.  The icy water is Trollblood Highlight with a little white lined in to the wet paint..I coated it with water effects.  I thought about putting a gloss on the ice, but looking in my freezer, I noticed that ice is actually rather flat in sheen(or non-sheen).  Here's a better look at the base...
Thanks for taking a look....
Khador Kommandoes are now on my front burner with my Warpwolf Stalker and Gun Mage Captain Adept right behind them.

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