Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another Shoutout...

So occasionally I come across the website/blog of a miniature painter who does such amazing work I find myself with my jaw dropping and deciding to pursue one of the following options...
1. give up on my own painting because it could never compare
2. keep on painting with a hope of being that good some day
Well I always choose option 2...but at least I must share what I discovered.  In the past I pointed out the amazing work of two women who are mini painters extraordinaire(Marike and Jen Haley), well today I discovered the blog of another woman, Ana(the Painting Mum), a Polish miniature painting artist.  Here is a link to her Cool Mini Or Not contributions.

Here's a photo of one of her pieces(be sure to follow the link and visit her amazing work, I dare you to not be impressed!)...
Visit Ana's blog to this mini in greater detail!

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