Saturday, July 30, 2011

Figure Feature: Allister Caine

Well after playing a bunch of games with Kara Sloan and Coleman Stryker I decided to branch out and get another warcaster ready for battle...thus, Allister Caine is reporting for duty.  I really enjoyed painting up this mini...after going heavy on doing units lately it was nice to focus on a single figure.  I really experimented with my blending and glazing techniques and I'm generally happy with the results.  The face benefitted from a very thin glaze of black(20 water: 1 ink) applied in several coats to create the "Five O'Clock Shadow" effect...
(click on images for larger pictures)
I know sometimes people find their way to the blog who aren't miniature gaming enthusiasts or looking to get started...I thought I'd include a picture next to a quarter for a sense of scale...


  1. Very nice, I like the softer gray for the thick trim on the coat. The pose is great as well. Is that Caine's standard pose? or did you have to do a little bit of bending?

  2. That's the standard Caine modding. Thanks for the kind words.