Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Figure Feature: Tharn Bloodtrackers

Tribal allies of Circle Orboros, the Tharn Bloodtrackers are female warriors who are swift-footed spear-throwers.  They will make a nice addition to my Baldur army as they will enjoy the damage buff that he conveys as well as his armor bonus(Stone Skin).

Here's my version of the unit...
I gave the leader of the unit a streak of red in her have to love her howling war cry pose...
Here is a shot of one of the warriors for a closer look at how I did their bases.  The grass are tufts by The Army Painter and the flora are bits of a an old wedding bouquet that was on clearance at a local craft store...
One thing to note about a little "fix up" did with the painting(in case this ever happens to you):
I wanted my Bloodtrackers to have pale skin as shown by PP but after painting and highlighting I found that I'd gone too far...and their flesh was more white than anything else.  To fix this I made a very watered-down glaze of P3 Red Ink and washed it over the skin areas...presto...a more normal color without having to start the whole painting process over again!

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  1. I likes 'em! They're a little more pale and crisp and clean than I prefer my Tharn to be, but I can't fault the execution. The red hair streak is cool in a classic GW cheesy kind of way too.