Sunday, July 17, 2011

Figure Feature: The Good Nyss

Well those of you who know the Hordes lore know that most of the Nyss(Dark Elves) were blighted with evil.  Well, I love the story of the "good Nyss", Cylena Raefyll and the Nyss Hunters....who escaped the blight and now fight for coin.

The Nyss are tricky because they have black body armor...and making the details 'pop' is a challenge.  I actually base-coated the figures black and then dry-brushed(YES, dry-brushed!) the figures with a medium grey.  To clean up the dry brush strokes and darken the armor plates back up, I went in and blocked in the inner surfaces of the armor with flat black. The bases included some hand made rocky outcroppings crafted from modelling clay, and set in place with Mod Podge(otherwise they dry up, crumble or slide off the plastic base).

Come on Privateer Press, we want more nice Nyss models such as these...

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