Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Figure Feature: Flameguard Cleansers

Have you ever run out of steam painting a unit and shelved it with the intention of finishing it later?  That was the case with my recently completed Flameguard Cleansers which were a w.i.p. for eight months.  When I started a Protectorate army last year I was really excited to buy a unit of Deliverers.  Well, when I opened my box guess what was in the inside...a unit of Cleansers?(yeah, weird mispackage oddity).  Well I decided to keep them and paint them when I got around to it...they became my perpetual side project.  Finally they are table ready...
(click on images for larger pictures)
In the end I was glad I got the wrong item in the box because they ended up being a pretty nice unit(both in look(sculpts) and in terms of stat line!).  Also, it helped me with a new system I'm leaning towards from now in order to get units done.  While I'm waiting for paint to dry on solos, warcasters and warjacks(and warlocks & warbeasts), I will go to a unit and do bits of it here and there over time....as to avoid unit burnout.  Then, one day, as happened with my Flameguard Cleansers, I've suddenly got a painted unit ready for battle(without the painting fatigue of just painting that unit from start to finish). 

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