Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Spy Game(Work in Progress) #1

O.K., in a new blog installment, let's play "I Spy".  What work-in-progress minis can you identify on my painting desk?  Let's put your Privateer Press miniature knowledge to the test!  Bonus points will be awarded for identifying the non-Privateer Press minis on the right hand side. Click on the image for a larger picture...
Add you guesses in the comments section...


  1. I see a Tharn Bloodtracker unit, a Skorne Kovaas, a Widowmaker Marksman. I don't know what the others are.

  2. And I forgot the two Mannikins.

  3. I think that's Tartarus, not Kovaas.

    The little guys are from Super Dungeon Explorers by Soda Pop Miniatures - that's a Paladin and a couple Knuckleheads. I love those miniatures, I just haven't purchased any yet...

    Glad to see you back Gareson!