Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Figure Feature: Hunter

Well I'd been eying the Hunter for a while because not only does it have a nice stat line, it has mean, lean look(not unlike the Grenadier).  I decided to paint it up in an alt scheme(Dark Grey) and give it a 'ruined trench' base(barbed wire will be added later- still working on it).  In fact, I am creating an entire Allister Caine force with the same paint/basing scheme as well as a Strahkov Khadoran group with the same basing approach(he and Kommandos are in the mail!).

Anyways, here is my dark grey version of Cygnar's Hunter...

Thanks for taking a look...comments are welcomed as always.


  1. It looks good. I like the basing, although the sandbags look a little odd - more rounded than I am used to seeing, I think.

    I have been contemplating adding a few Hunters for a while. I think I may be able to hold off until the Minuteman are out, at which point, I'd buy a couple of both, plus Kraye.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yeah the Minuteman should be great! The rounded sand bags were intentional...sometimes I try to modify real world things(such as sandbags) so they take an other worldly I decided that in the Iron Kingdoms they stitch 'em together in circles.