Friday, July 29, 2011

Figure Feature: Stonekeeper

The Shifting Stones will find themselves in many Circle Orboros army lists as will their great unit attachment, the Stonekeeper.  I was excited to paint up this solo as I really like the challenge of painting stone, gemstones and the green/gold armor plating common to Circle figures.  Hopefully you like the effect...
(click on pictures for larger images)
I'd also like to show you a photo the works in progress on my painting desk right now...
You know what they are, right?

Also, thanks to this post from the Diesel DM blog about photographing my opinion its the best tutorial I've seen about photographing miniatures and it was a big help to me.


  1. Love the Stonekeeper! Your gem and the stone armor bits are very nicely done.

  2. Coming from someone of your painting skill, that means a lot :-)